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    te〓gy is also desig○ned to sharpen the○ company's ○edge agains○t its main rival●, Suning App

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    liance,〓 which has mad◆e known its am○bition to o■vertake Gome as the ●top seller of〓 electr

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    ical goods■.Gome sprinted t●o the No 1 sp●ot by aggressively ●expanding its sa◆les network■ in the past■ few years th

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    rough● new openin◆gs and acquisition■s of small■er chains. Before 〓the trouble●s of its former ch●airman hit in 2008, ○the company had● 1,300 stores,● to Suning's 850●.That maddening

new larger ones●," G
ome spo■kesman He Y
angqing● told China D
aily.● "T
  • p●ace is coming to a●n end. "It's about ○time for G〓ome to take a differ〓ent approach● than in the● past," said Wu Me○iping, analyst ●from Essence Secur●ities

  • .Despite i●ts scale, Gom○e actually trai●ls Suning in s〓ales per stor◆e, which some at■tribute to poor l■ayout and disorde〓rly display. For■ Gome, the rati

  • o of ○renting fees to sa●les revenue per st■ore is 4.1, but ○the figure i●s 3.0 for Suning, s●aid Wu.Apart from op●ening store●s at good locatio●ns replaci◆ng

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old poorly ○performing ones, Gom◆e will incre●ase the stock● of small elec◆trical appliances,○ like wate◆r heaters and jui○ce blenders, beca●use they ca●n offer higher prof●it margin, He s◆aid.The small appli○ances' prof■

it margins aver○age at 20 to 30 p●ercent. Smal○l appliances curre○ntly account■ for 12 per●cent of Gome'〓s total sales,■ He said.He sa◆id Gome will be p■artnering 〓with its s●uppliers t○o c

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as as store la◆yout, pr
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oduct mix an●d services,"

t◆ purchasing en●vironment by resetti○ng product displa〓y and increasin○g service efficienc■y.At the be●ginning of thi●s year, China l●aunched ano●ther round■ of home appliance p〓romotions in ■rural areas.○ T

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